Main Event: Justin Ploof & The Throwbacks

Opening Act: Southbound

Jun 27

What else is new this week?

Southbound at 5pm


Southbound has been playing the classic sounds of rock in the Saint Cloud area for about the past eight years. Founding member and lead guitarist Dean Rosenberg is currently joined by: Charlie Erickson on bass, drummer Tab Dornbusch, and the group's newest members - lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kyle Murphy, and Nora Ewers on keyboard, and all other things necessary.

While the concept remains the same, the sound of the band has evolved over time and is now more harmonically refined and even more engaging with their audiences. Combined here is a strong love for 60's and 70's guitar rock, vocal harmonies, some 80's flare, and a pinch of classic and modern country sounds. This eclectic amalgam seems to keep the band performing and is exactly what they all enjoy doing!

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